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Healthy Foods for Diabetics | Diabetic diets

Healthy Foods for Diabetics - Diabetes is one disease that often interfere with an adult, until this day, diabetes is a disease which is scary for us. Diabetes caused by impaired insulin production and impaired insulin function. So that, blood sugar levels increase dramatically. In order to reduce the blood sugar levels, so medical treatment should be given. However, medical treatment alone is not enough if it is not accompanied by diet.
Healthy Foods for Diabetics
In a previous article, I've been review on 10 fruits for diabetics. Here I will give you some healthy foods that are suitable for consumption by diabetics. Diet for diabetics determine what kind of foods to consumption by patients every day. Healthy foods for people with diabetes mellitus are foods that will not cause spikes in blood sugar levels, but maintaining and lowering blood sugar levels.

Healthy Foods for Diabetics

Here are the foods that are healthy for consumption by diabetics.

1. Wheat. Wheat is a food that is rich in fiber. This is the reason that causes these foods serve as a healthy food diabetics. In addition, wheat also contains protein and carbohydrates needed by the body. Carbohydrates are energy producers. But not carbohydrates can cause an increase in blood sugar levels?

Carbohydrates in general it can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. But it only happens if the food consumed is a simple carbohydrate. Consumption of foods that contain complex carbohydrates, such as wheat, this would not cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Even eating wheat regularly can inhibit the release of sugar into the bloodstream, so blood sugar levels can be maintained its stability.

2. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is also Healthy Foods for Diabetics because it's rich in fiber too, protein and carbohydrates. owned carbohydrate oatmeal also will not cause spikes in blood sugar levels. In addition, we need to know also that consuming oatmeal is also very good, because the food is very good for maintaining heart health. Especially with the fact that people with diabetes have a higher risk for heart disease. So, consumption of oatmeal will be very beneficial for reducing the risk of blood sugar levels in addition to keeping it stable.

3. Red Rice. Other foods also contain fiber are red rice. Besides containing sufficient amounts of fiber, red rice also has a high carbohydrate content, so you do not have to worry about going to lack a source of energy by not eating rice. Even the white rice also needs to be reduced by diabetics, because white rice can increase blood sugar levels.

4. Spinach. Other Healthy Foods for Diabetics is Green vegetables, like spinach are rich in chlorophyll which function as antioxidants for the body. In addition, green vegetables also contain lots of lutein. Lutein is used to help reduce the risk of eye damage. because, generally people with diabetes experience a disruption in vision, particularly for those who suffer from chronic diabetes. Hence the consumption of green vegetables should be added to maintain the function of the eye in order to stay well.

5. Avoid Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners
In order to maintain stable blood sugar levels, people with diabetes is expected to reduce the consumption of sugar or other artificial sweeteners. As a substitute for sugar, use brown sugar (palm sugar) can be a solution to keep the blood sugar levels remain stable.