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Health Benefits of Apple Skin

Health Benefits of Apple Skin - Apples are wonderful fruit, the medical world says that eating an apple every day will make us far from disease, and certainly far from a doctor. Then if you have a habit of throwing an apple peel when eating fruit, you should now dispose of habit, eating apples by removing the skin will be less good for the health benefits. So, eat the peel.
Health Benefits of Apple Skin
Do not waste your apple skins, Health Benefits of Apple Skin because the content of quercetin in the skin of apples, quercetin and potentially useful to fight against cancer and heart from disease, so do not waste apple skin, eat an apple, eat the skin too.

It is recommended not to throw the apple skin because it contains antioxidants, namely quercetin. Anti-oxidants in the fruit only has activity anti-oxidant 1, while in the skin of apples, antioxidant activity until 4.7 times more than.

Apples for health benefits not because of content, but the apple is beneficial because it contains carotene and pectin in it. The benefits of carotenoids have vitamin A activity as well as useful antioxidants to fight free radicals that cause degenerative from disease such as cancer and diabetes mellitus.

While pectin is a soluble fiber in water. Given these fibers form gels, pectin can improve digestion and encourage muscle food residue on the drain.

Pectin is also beneficial as anti-cholesterol. In addition, the benefits of pectin is able to absorb excess water in the intestine, can soften the stool, and pectin are also able to bind and eliminate toxins from the intestines.

Consumption of apples on a regular basis will keep the balance of blood sugar and blood pressure lowering cholesterol. So, do not forget to eat apple, eat an apple every day, you will be free from disease. Keep Your Health