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Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds for Health

Benefits of jackfruit seeds - Jackfruit has many benefits, such as can be made jackfruit seed flour. To make flour, jackfruit seeds must go through several processes first, including to eliminate the odor, so the flour produced really good quality.
Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds for Health
In making jackfruit seed flour, usually from 3 kg jackfruit seeds will produce 2.4 kg. So, how to make jackfruit seed flour? Let's see.

How to make jackfruit seed flour

  1. Jackfruit seed flour can be made through the drying process, this could be a substitute for wheat flour, or can be utilized in conjunction with the flour.
  2. First, boiled until cooked jackfruit seeds, then crushed or milled into powder, then dried and then sieved to separate the rough.
  3. Flour sifter still rough from the above, is taken and pulverized again, as the previous process.
  4. Flour from jackfruit seeds is a little rough compared to wheat flour, but flour jackfruit can also be made a variety of pastries, another advantage is easily attached not like rice flour. So, in making the cookie dough, flour mixed with jackfruit do not need a lot of eggs.

Besides beneficial as flour, jackfruit seeds can also be made of other foods, such as cereals, milk, etc..

1. Cereals from jackfruit seeds
Cereal Process Jackfruit seeds:
  • Epidermis peeling jackfruit seeds
  • Boil until tender jackfruit seeds
  • Chopped jackfruit seeds thinly
  • Drying jackfruit seeds
  • Grind the jackfruit seeds to a fine powder
  • Filtering jackfruit seed powder
  • Jackfruit seed mix with sugar, milk, and oats
  • Pack the jackfruit seeds in aluminum foil

2. Milk from jackfruit seeds
The process of making jackfruit seeds milk:
  • Jackfruit seeds soak for 12 hours, until the skin peeled off.
  • Then the seeds boiled until tender.
  • After it was blended and filtered.
  • Water extracts jackfruit seeds can be added sugar or other flavor enhancer to taste.
  • Once cooked, milk jackfruit seeds ready to be served warm or cold.